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Dr. Sarah and Shane address all soft tissue and nerve traumas that have occurred to prevent problems from progressing to long term conditions while also boosting the neuroimmune system.

Chiropractic Care

Decreases interference to the nervous system to increase the body’s natural ability to heal.


Helps with any physical or mental health condition that is caused by high stress levels or poor health.

Our Services

Our healing strategy always includes bringing balance back to the body so that you leave here functioning optimally in order to live your best life.


Austin Community Wellness uses Kinetisense as the assessment tool of choice for all first chiropractic visits. Kinetisense has been used for a variety of professional sports teams including the Miami Heat, Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres and more.

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Webster Technique (Pregnancy Chiropractic)

Dr. Sarah uses Webster technique as a total release of the hips in all populations of people both pregnant and not pregnant because it is so effective in restoring the neurobiomechanics of the pelvis.

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Dr. Sarah  addresses all soft tissue and nerve traumas that have occurred to prevent problems from progressing to long term conditions while also boosting the neuroimmune system.

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Activator Methods Technique

Dr. Sarah uses Activator Methods as an alternative to traditional manual adjusting in adults, children and infants.

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Chiropractic for Children

Dr. Sarah has adjusted her 3 children since birth to address all soft tissue & nerve traumas that have occurred to prevent problems from progressing to long term conditions, while also boosting the neuroimmune system.

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Gua Sha/Graston Technique

Dr. Sarah and Shane use a combination of Gua Sha and Graston with stainless steel tools as they have been trained in both techniques.

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Massage Therapy

Dr. Sarah has practiced massage since 2003, and Shane has been in practice since 1996. Massage is a big part of what they do at Austin Community Wellness.

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a therapeutic massage that is designed to address the unique needs of the prenatal woman.

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CranioSacral Therapy

By complementing the body’s natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease.

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Lomi Lomi

Dr. Sarah and Shane at Austin Community Wellness have both experienced profound healing from Lomi lomi on a Hawaiian trip and the treatment has a special place in their hearts.

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Opu Huli

Hawaiian Abdominal Massage or Opu Huli is a type of bodywork that is used to access the large intestines and other organs in the abdomen in order to aid in digestion, elimination, and relief of lower back pain. Opu Huli also releases trapped emotion and energy from the body.

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Cupping Therapy

With Massage Cupping , Shane has the ability to move soft tissue adhesions that are difficult to move, otherwise.

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Why Choose Us

Austin Child Chiropractic

Customized Therapy for Every Patient

Dr Sarah and Shane are a healing team committed to their goal of bringing balance back to your body so it can function optimally and help you live your best life. Dr. Sarah has practiced Massage since 2003 and Chiropractic since 2015, and Shane has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1996. They are always investing in new skill sets and tools that will help them achieve this goal. They love their community and love having the opportunity to nurture it.

Austin Community Wellness

About Us

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sarah Duke

Dr. Sarah started her career as a massage therapist in 2003. After working for a few years, she realized that she was designed for a greater purpose & finished her chiropractic degree in 2015.

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Timothy Shane Duke, LMT

Shane Duke has over 20 years of experience in the massage industry. Throughout this experience, he has worked for several chiropractors, spas and private practices.


"Professional, attentive, thorough, and welcoming! I absolutely love Dr. Sarah. Not only is she helping me to have overall better alignment and health, but she has also adjusted my son. I won't be seeing anyone else for as long as I live in Austin."

Austin Community Wellness Reviews

Rikki Cob
March 12, 2019

"I've been doing massage off and on for over 15 years. With Shane, I've experienced the benefits of maintaining a regular massage schedule, and with being able to pre-pay for packs of massages. It makes it very simple. He can read your body like no one else I know. You will be very happy you gave it a try!"

Austin Community Wellness Reviews

Angelia Moore
Jan 3, 2019

"Highly recommend Shane for massage. I've been happy to be a regular for a while now and it is such a worthwhile part of self-care. If you want a solid skilled therapist who goes above and beyond, look no further."

Austin Community Wellness Reviews
Jill Adams
Feb 7, 2019