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Opu- uli Austin

Hawaiian Abdominal Massage

Hawaiian abdominal massage at Austin Community Wellness is offered as an add on to enhance your massage session

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Hawaiian Abdominal Massage Austin

Austin Lomi Lomi Massage

Why Abdominal Massage?

Hawaiian abdominal massage or Opu Huli is a very important part of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Opu means stomach and Huli means to turn.  This type of bodywork is used to access the large intestine and other organs in the abdomen in order to aid in digestion, elimination, and relief of lower back pain.

Other benefits of Hawaiian Abdominal Massage are the release of trapped emotion, energy, and balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Hawaiian Abdominal Massage

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Opu Huli Austin

Enhance Massage

Hawaiian Abdominal Massage is offered as an add on to enhance your massage session.

Aids Digestion

Hawaiian Abdominal Massage helps in improving digestion.

Release of Trapped Emotion

Opu Huli Massage at Austin Community Wellness helps in the release of trapped emotions.

An Important part of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Abdominal Massage is offered as an add on to enhance your massage session or as stand alone 30 minute treatment.



Hawaiian Abdominal Massage

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Hawaiian Abdominal Massage

Experience a Profound Healing

If you are booked for a Lomi Lomi you will be receiving Hawaiian abdominal massage already as a part of the session, unless you request to not have this part of your body worked on. Our healing strategy always includes bringing balance back to the body so that you leave here functioning optimally in order to live your best life.

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