Why would a new born baby need chiropactic care?

I get a lot of questions from moms about why their perfect newborn babies would need to be adjusted by a chiropractor. In some cases, a newborn baby goes through many struggles going through the birth canal by either getting stuck, being in an awkward position for too long, having their necks tractioned by the physician via c-section or a forceps delivery, etc. In fact, one of the most common birth injuries is a broken clavicle, and anything that produces enough force to break a bone will also cause damage to the corresponding ligaments and muscles that surround the area. A lot of the more minor injuries are harder to detect due to the inability of the baby to properly communicate where issues are located. This is where a chiropractor can determine areas of dysfunction to prevent further injury and buildup of scar tissue. Other than major or minor injury rehabilitation, a chiropractor can also help a baby increase or decrease the amount of stimulation to their nervous system. In our clinic, we have worked with sensory deficit children to improve the functioning of their nervous system, and we have also worked with simple conditions like chronic ear infections, colic, torticollis, plagiocephaly, etc. Like I tell parents, a chiropractor’s job is to improve the neuromuscular problems in the body in order to promote optimal function in the body. The signs and symptoms will usually resolve once the body is functioning at its highest capacity. If restoring the neurological functioning of the body is not working, this is the point where other modalities should be sought out. There are so many preventative actions that can be taken to improve the quality of life for a baby, toddler, and even the parent.


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