Where Is my mind?

As you go about your day-to-day activities, how many times do you stop and think where your awareness is? Are you present in the moment or thinking about the future or some event of the past? Chances are, if you haven’t practiced any technique to gain control over your consciousness, you probably have what the Chi Gong practitioners refer to as the Monkey Mind. This is the concept that our consciousness is drifting aimlessly from one thought to another. The same may be true with your awareness of your mind body awareness. For the most part, I venture to say the average person is only ever mentally engaged with a few places on their bodies on a regular basis. The rest of the time the only time we become aware of many body parts is when they are sending us pain signals. Many times, those pain signals are only telling one side of the story when there is a whole symphony of information available to give a clear idea of the bigger picture. I love receiving massage as a tool to help guide my mind from one place on my body to the next.

Mind & Body

Like a tourist, I follow my massage therapist’s hands around my body. There are all sorts of land marks and each tells a story to me. Sometimes they remind me of long forgotten injuries, traumas or newer aggravations from more current movements or stresses. I find my massage invaluable for staying in tune with my body mentally. The outstanding feeling after getting a massage is a major motivation but I also enjoy the mind body aspect as well.

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