Coffee Time – Ear Infections

Shane: Hi, welcome to Coffee Talk with Dr. Sarah and Shane. This is an Austin Community Wellness video production that we do from time to time, sorry it’s been a while. So, the topic today is how chiropractic helps with ear infections. We get that question a lot of times from our patients.


Dr. Sarah: Yeah, we get a lot of parents asking how it works. So, basically what chiropractic does is it helps to decrease the fluid buildup that happens in the ear.


Shane: Okay, what causes that fluid to build up? (Also View our Talk on Primitive Reflexes )


Dr. Sarah: There’s a number of things that can happen that cause a lot of fluid to build up in the ears, and a lot of it starts with lymph drainage that happens or rather is not happening in the lungs. As fluid builds up in the lungs, it can build up here [in the throat area], and then of course this area [the head] gets fluid buildup as well. So, there can be things like jaw dysfunction that’s happening, scalene muscle restriction, and there’s lymph nodes all in here that relate to the ears becoming backed up. Cranial fixations also have that going for them too. So, the idea is to get lower regions released, so you do adjustments and the thoracic and that helps release all that fluid. You do adjustments in the neck that helps release all that fluid so that everything can drain down and out and stay in flow rather than building up and becoming infected.


Shane: I do that with craniosacral therapy as well. Okay, I didn’t know you were doing that with chiropractic. Cool! What are the side effects?

Dr. Sarah: First of all, the biggest treatment that they use now in the medical community for ear infections that’s become quite ineffective is antibiotics. Really, it’s the overuse of antibiotics that’s quite a problem right now that everyone knows that antibiotics decrease your immune response with prolonged long-term use. Every now and then it’s fine to use for an infection, but chronic infections happen and the antibiotics have become not as great at treating this. So, the idea is to keep all of the fluid moving down and out of the body so that way it’s not building up and stagnating. But, some other side effects to just getting adjusted in general is improved mood, decreased pain in the ear area because we’re once again addressing the scalene muscle that attaches really right behind this ear. It also deals with these jaw dysfunctions that are all once again right around this ear area, so that really helps everything release and drain. Overall, prevention is what we’re looking for.


Shane: Well, that’s a pretty good explanation. I think I got it. So, we’d like for you guys to engage with us from time to time if you like. If you have any kind of stories about ear infections or any things that might have helped you other than chiropractic, we’d sure like to hear from you. Be sure to like and hit the bell if you want to get notifications whenever we’re doing this and thanks for listening!

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