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Hi, my name is Dr. Sarah Duke, and I’m a chiropractor at Austin Community Wellness. Our practice is primarily me and my husband. He is a massage therapist, I am also a therapist, but I mainly do chiropractic these days.


My husband and I have definitely had to make some shifts for this COVID-19 situation we’re dealing with. We see a lot of patients in our clinics, so we’ve had to space people out so they’re not all in the office at the same time. We’ve done a lot of things to implement safety in our practice, but one thing that we’ve been working on during this time, since we have so much free time and were forced to close for 90 days during this period of time, is our online profiles.


What we’re really focusing on and in need of grant money for is basically to create a system where people can go online to learn exercises that can help them heal themselves. This system would be helpful for times like this when people can’t get into the office for physical care, especially if they’re in high-risk categories or have autoimmune diseases. We want to provide systems for them to get care still online. We are also looking to implement our nutritional programs online. We’d like to start doing nutritional consults online, as well as exercise routines for people that are in chronic pain. We want to create shoulder protocols, autoimmune protocols, and other protocols. As far as nutrition goes, we want to create a system for people online as well. In order to do this, we would like to employ some professionals so that we can make really good videos.

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