What is Webster Technique?

Austin webster technique

Webster Technique is a chiropractic adjustment developed by Dr. Larry Webster that focuses on the alignment of the sacrum and round ligament in pregnant women. While this technique is strongly beneficial for helping out with low back pain, this is not the only reason a pregnant woman should come in for care. By ensuring that the womb is free and clear of any restrictions that surround it, the baby has more room to grow, better neurological output, and is able to position itself optimally for the birthing process. While a baby will always intuitively position itself in the safest position for birth, it is best to ensure that the restrictions of the hips are addressed in order to create the optimal birth environment for the baby to thrive.

Chiropractic & Massage brings a baby!!!

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Hey, guys! Shane and I just found out some very exciting news from a patient of ours that we wanted to share with you. So, we did induction points on one of our patients on Wednesday, and she just emailed us tonight that she gave birth early this morning! When she was in the office, she got a chiropractic adjustment and a massage and we did all the induction points because she was due. And so, it was just a really cool experience and we got to see a little baby. We just wanted to share that with you guys, we were super excited tonight to get to see the baby on the other side. Talk to you soon!

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