Colicky Baby Relaxation Techniques



My niece has a colicky baby at home and I told her I was going to make her a video. But I figured I would just make one for everybody to help out with things you can do at home to help with colicky babies. The first thing I will generally check on a baby is this low back area here. Really colicky babies tend to have a lot of tension in this low back area. This is, let’s pretend, like the tailbone so this is like that low back area they tend to have a lot of tension right in there. Just massaging very lightly you don’t have to use a lot of pressure but you can use a little cream and just kind of rub the spine up and down. It feels really good for the baby, but it also helps to relax some of the muscles along the spine and allows the pressure of the baby’s belly being pressed into the table help move some gas out.


I also place a pinky here, so if you have your tailbone, here there’s another little teeny tiny bone and I just kind of come somewhere right in between the two and I’ll just place a pinky. You know you’re in the right spot when the baby kind of pushes down into it because it feels really good, this is the Sacro tuberous ligament that you’re pressing on. And that just kind of places pressure on them on the pelvic floor and some of those areas around the sacrum, and that just helps everything kind of settle. Babies will generally calm down quite a bit with this spot, so those are two areas I look for.


When the baby is face-up, you have their hip bone here and their belly button here. Somewhere in between, right in the center, you can place pinky pressure here. Sometimes you’ll feel a little valve underneath your finger spasming. Sometimes with colicky babies those belts are trying to form, and in the process they’ll spasm quite a bit while they’re trying to learn how to open and close. So if you just hold some really light pressure there and just allow it to spasm a little bit and calm down, that’s what you’re looking for. There’s another available on the other side. You just come right in between the belly button and hip bone, and you can place a little pressure there.


So, all that is really helpful for those colicky babies if you’ve got a really fussy baby that is just constantly crying. They have to be really small, like we’re talking newborn to a month old, fold their hands over and hold their head and bounce them around so their hands and fingers are holding kind of like that face area. Then the rest of your hand is holding their hands just across their chest. You can bounce them like this and you can kind of rotate this part around as you’re bouncing to kind of help that stomach just release and calm down. This is a very calming position for the baby, they almost instantly will stop crying if they’re real fussy so you can just kind of bounce them around and do a little figure 8 movement down here. That’ll just help settle that belly and allow that baby to relax a little bit. With massage, real light pressure is great I mean babies just love to be touched and held and be close to their mothers. Those are some tips I have for a really fussy colicky baby.

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