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Hello everyone, Shane Duke LMT here to remind you guys you need to get a little vitamin massage in your life. You need some repose, you need some rest, you need to take a little bit of recovery in your life. Maybe take some inventory of the body. You can lay down on a table and have someone give you a massage from head to toe so that you can see what parts of your body you’ve forgotten about.

It’s really very helpful. No one can heal unless they take the time to do it, it doesn’t just happen.


You have to put the energy towards healing and you have to show your body the proper amount of respect it deserves. Show it that you love it and you appreciate your body. Your body is your vehicle through this life it’s your vehicle through awareness in and through evolution. You’re going to be mentally growing and changing and the only way that you can do that is through this wonderful thing that we have here, this body that we’re given to take care of. When something is wrong with your body, how would you know what’s wrong with your body? How can you get in touch mentally with your body? Massage is one of those things that will give you the ability to be more in touch.

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Tea time chat craniosacral therapy

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Hey, this is Dr. Sarah and Shane! We’re starting a series called: Coffee Talk. We’ve got our coffee here, so today we’d really like to talk a little bit about craniosacral therapy because we get a lot of people calling for it. We thought it would be really good for Shane to really explain to people what it is how it can help this kind of thing.


Shane: Craniosacral is a bodywork that uses touch therapy to support the body’s natural healing abilities.


Dr. Sarah: Great, so what kind of things could it help out with?


Shane: Well because CST is a holistic therapy, like other holistic therapies, there’s a very broad range of conditions that it can help with. However, the conditions that most CST providers will find success with is migraine headaches, TMJ, developmental disorders in kids, PTSD, brain and spinal cord traumas are also responding really well.


Dr. Sarah: Yeah, we do work with a lot of kids that have neurodevelopmental disorders, and things like that. So, this is something that Shane’s going to really be taking on and tackling more so than me moving on in the future. That’s pretty exciting! What would somebody expect in a typical session with you?


Shane: Okay, so usually you’ll lay down on the table. I’ll place my hands lightly on different parts of the body. I usually like to check in with the feet first, and I’ll just kind of listen. We’ll make a game plan based on what we hear. The body will give certain cues. You have to have a bit of intuition and then you follow the intuition for the treatment as whatever is necessary.


Dr. Sarah: Great! Is there anything else you wanted to share about it?


Shane: It’s an amazing work! I think that if more people gave it half a chance, they would find that less is sometimes more and they should probably give it a shot. I mean we’ve definitely had great results. People that come in really talk about how amazing they feel afterwards and so I think it’s really a valuable treatment for people to put their time and effort into.

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