Where Is my mind?

Like a tourist, I follow my massage therapist’s hands around my body. There are all sorts of land marks and each tells a story to me. Sometimes they remind me of long forgotten injuries, traumas or newer aggravations from more current movements or stresses. I find my massage invaluable for staying in tune with my body mentally. The outstanding feeling after getting a massage is a major motivation but I also enjoy the mind body aspect as well.

Technology Posture

Technology Posture Austin Chiropractic

Technology has become such a huge part of everybody’s daily lives that it is constantly at the tips of people’s fingers. As technology advances, there has been a huge decline in healthy postural habits. Posture plays a big role in overall health and wellness because the proper curves in your spine allow for better nerve flow throughout the body. Without proper nerve flow, dysfunction can occur to muscles and organs downstream. This is how people develop those common aches and pains that they can’t explain. As the head falls forward, the shoulders become rounded, and the curves of the spine become flattened or reversed. This is where it’s important to consult with a chiropractor to help regain the curves through the adjustment, PT and massage.

Ginger, Lemon Honey Potion



Shane is whipping up some of his cold/flu season potion for our family to help our immune systems to stay strong.


People also ask

  • Is lemon and ginger good for flu?
  • What does lemon and ginger do to your body?
  • Is Lemon bad for flu?
  • What are the benefits of ginger lemon and honey?


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Review Round Up


It’s review roundup time, and this year’s prize is an instapot for our new year, new you kick off to 2020. Start your year off right by eating clean, working out and getting back on track with your chiropractic and massage self care routine. The drawing will take place January 2nd. Here’s how it works…each action gets you one entry toward winning the instapot for a total of 6 possible entries per person: Leave a review on fb, yelp and/or google if you have had a service with Dr. Sarah or Shane. You can also like, comment and share this post. If you’ve already left a review, you will get one entry per platform that you left a review on. Good luck!!!!

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