Chiropractic & Massage brings a baby!!!

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Hey, guys! Shane and I just found out some very exciting news from a patient of ours that we wanted to share with you. So, we did induction points on one of our patients on Wednesday, and she just emailed us tonight that she gave birth early this morning! When she was in the office, she got a chiropractic adjustment and a massage and we did all the induction points because she was due. And so, it was just a really cool experience and we got to see a little baby. We just wanted to share that with you guys, we were super excited tonight to get to see the baby on the other side. Talk to you soon!

Table Questions Episode 1 “What do you like most about your kids?”

Hello, massage people! I just wanted to share something with you guys. I had a really cool experience today. I had somebody on my table and we were just kind of chatting, and she asked me a cool question. She said, “What’s your favorite thing about your children?” I thought about it for a little bit and I said, “I think my favorite thing about my children is that no matter how down I feel about myself about all the challenges in the world that I just don’t quite make the mark on or anything out there that really makes me just feel super down on myself, I can come home and my kids love me for just who I am. Just me, that’s it, the only requirement my children have for me for love is for me to be myself.” I just wanted to share with you guys that is such a gift from your children, and man we should totally be giving that to them as well. Let’s try not to be too hard on our kiddos, let’s just try to love them for who they are no matter what they do. We love them, they’re our kids and they do that for us every single day no matter what. I just wanted to share that sometimes some beautiful things happen from questions from people on the massage table, thank you.

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