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Massage is the manipulation of body tissues such as skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs.

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Austin Massage Therapy

Why Massage?

Massage manipulations are done in a mindful and artful manner by a massage professional. The intent of these manipulations is to initiate a therapeutic response in the recipient. The healing traditions of massage currently can be traced back as far as 4,000 years.

Over the years many styles have been created, all over the world. Many of these are slightly different, but share common philosophical traits, and therapeutic goals. The information age has given massage professionals the opportunity to bridge these gaps, so that the healing art and science of massage therapy is stronger than ever before.

We now have scientific data showing that massage is more effective at treating pain then conventional medical treatments. This data also shows massage increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, and stimulates white blood cell production. Massage

Austin Massage Therapy

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Positive Effect

Massage by a Trained Expert affects our
bodies positively

Increases Circulation

Massage by a Trained expert helps increase Blood Cirulation In the Body.

Stimulates body

The Right massage increases lymphatic drainage, and stimulates white blood cell production.

Massage affects our bodies  positively

Data also shows massage increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, and stimulates white blood cell production. Massage has been shown to be beneficial in helping its recipients build a better mental connection with their bodies. Massage affects our bodies so positively it helps with any physical or mental health condition that is caused by high stress levels or poor health. Dr.

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Since 2003

 Dr. Sarah has practiced massage since 2003, and I have been in practice since 1996, Massage is a big part of what we do at Austin Community Wellness. Our patients that have incorporated massage therapy with their chiropractic care have faster recovery times and are generally our most successful cases. Our healing strategy always includes bringing balance back to the body so that you leave hear functioning optimally in order to live you best life.

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We are a Chiropractor and Massage therapy team that is deeply committed to helping mothers have the best birth their bodies can have. We believe that a strong beginning in this life can set the pace for a healthier future. We want to help your whole family stay well at any stage of life. Let us be an ally in your family’s health.

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